Ask for leave   Tomorrow something, take a day off, very sorry! ~  By the way, this book shortly after the shelves, they look much more support! ~  Thank you! ~New year   Tonight is the last day of 2012, perhaps we all celebrate the New Year in the busy New Year's Eve, a small light in here much they wish a Happy New Year! ~ Very heart of this year, there is much they can accompany and support! ~ Next year a small light will work harder! ~ New year, new weather, new goals, new struggle! ! !  So say a few small bright continue codeword to go, they greatly Year's Eve fun, oh! ~Chapter 001 of spirituality   "Turned out to be a rare natural resistance to the elements body, hey, unfortunately this practice for centuries a rare talent."  Bursts of heavy sigh echoed in the ears, like a hammer smashing hit in the heart of the general, came an unbearable pain violently.  Around, cast a road tribe's eyes, filled with ridicule, sarcasm, indifference, disdain.  Like Oath general, making it a pain more intense, deep.  "No!"  Morning, screaming sounded, breaking the silence. Room, one-year-old boy about suddenly woke up, his forehead was oozing sweat, soup shed, wet skirt.  The boy named Qin Feng, looks very

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handsome, soft white skin, with a pale blue hair, look some depression.  "What has nightmares ...... I am not willing, what elements of natural anti-bodies, I do not believe it! I Qin Feng is a genius, was himself admitted century ancestors rare genius!"  Qin Feng could not help clenched his fists, the original look of depression swept away, revealing an unwilling brow and arrogance.  "Well, what makes you laugh at me, even the guru have also failed to reach the pinnacle, really funny! I want to prove to you that I was a rare genius for centuries, is truly a genius! Even if it is a natural resistance to the elements body, so what! I will be able to break this barrier, absorbing elements into the body, the achievements of the Spirit of Quebec! "  He Mindful of this, flew cross-legged on the bed, adjust the breath, a calm state of mind.  Breathing gradually becomes slow and steady, lengthy and powerful, and it seems implicit in a particular rhythm.  Instant, surrounded by a road surfaced transparent silk, crazy rushing to him, there is no hindrance to drill into his body.  Just a transparent thread into the body, they follow a particular trajectory up and running, the final straight away his pubic region, into a ball of gold.  Names of those transparent silk called Reiki, like the air in general, vague but real, full of the spirit of this day on top of the continent, is the core of this continent, and "Days of Hope" is resulting. continues to increase.  Where Qin Feng Qin, is such a spiritual family, majoring in earth elements and wood elements.  His parents are wooden devotional, according to common sense, he is very likely to become Quebec's wood spirit.  Life is unpredictable can often show amazing talent at an early age, will be considered by all to be a wood spirit Quebec, he was eventually found to be inherently anti-element

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body guru stop at the pinnacle of his life.  The age of six, Qin Feng as everyone in general, began to practice. Surprisingly, he was very prominent for the aura of sentiment, indeed gifted.  At the beginning of the day they came to realize that the practice of Reiki exist, and at night attracted a Reiki into the body, to become spiritual believers. After only a year and three months to reach a guru, and spent two years to reach the pinnacle of spiritual teacher.  In other words, he spent more than three years, reached the pinnacle of spiritual teachers from ordinary children.  And in general, a child should reach a guru, you need at least four years before the age of fourteen to reach the pinnacle of spiritual teachers are absolutely genius.  And so, like Qin Feng, the body can be described under day lives, most evildoer existence.  God seemed to be toying with Qin Feng, gave him a bear who can joke, under such amazing talent, actually has a natural resistance to the elements body, life can only be trapped in the guru.  "Bang!"  Qin Feng thud in the room came out, I saw the aura too rich, causing a gas explosion, couch bed beneath him also issued a "creak" sound.  Originally transparent aura, Qin Feng body was found in a faint light reflection, absorption speed is outrageous, as if swallowed by the giant water in general, saw majestic aura lunged it into his body blink of an eye. These are like the aura of the victims of hunger and thirst in the desert for several days, suddenly found an oasis, mad rushes away.  The extent of this absorption is not an ordinary Reiki guru can be achieved, even if it is an unusual spirit Quebec are humbled.  Discovered this phenomenon Qin Feng, stopped continue to absorb the aura, Muran eyes, growled: "wood element, now!"  With his voice down, I saw a section surrounded by gradually emerge out of blue light, as if there is a hint of gas coming vegetation.  Qin Feng on innocent face is not exposed to any look, eyes closed again, the body exudes a strangely attractive, actually pulling around the blue light towards him close.  Dozens of blue light constantly close, just touching the skin when Qin

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Feng, like a shock, suddenly bounce, completely avoid it, is no longer around.  Qin Feng's face looked still no change, a phenomenon that he had seen a few times, not discouraged, feeling surrounded by other wooden elements again.  Awhile, but also dozens of blue light wound from, at first, is extremely smooth, Qin Feng's body can be touched, they have to avoid those blue back light, completely excluded.  So several times, without any hint of blue light can be lucky enough to enter the body, as if his body is really a body to resist, resist entering all the wood elements.  This phenomenon has maintained a year, he wanted to try other elements, but unfortunately the sentiment a few months, in addition to the wood element, not always sensitive to the presence of other elements. As for his mental strength, although some stronger than the average person, but still not up to the requirements of M & M repair, after all, or not.  In the end, leads the annual retreat ten days ago, regardless of the Qin ancestors things, look at the extraordinary talent that copies of Qin Feng,

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spending a large amount of money to help find the elements of cohesion Ju Yuan Dan, and to their own Dafa force is cited , pulling him into the body of the wood element.  Unfortunately, the result was failure, and was the assertion is inherently anti ancestors element body, disappointed to leave.  And from that day onwards, Qin Feng constantly touted for the past flattery tribe began a sneer, his disdain cast, cold eyes, and Qin departed ancestors disappointed sigh deeply imprinted in the back of their minds .  "For me, nothing to absorb the aura of difficulty, even sentiment wood element, it is not difficult, but it happens not absorbed into the body, hateful ah!"  Qin Feng hearts sigh, has boundless grief.  Time flies, dazzling nearly noon, Qin Feng do not know how many times tried, but every time the outcome can be predicted that the miracle did not occur.  Qin Feng clinched fists, frowned, had to be sweet and innocent face is a trace of an hideous.  "Hey, Qin Feng child, be completely ruined. Unfortunately, ah, unfortunately! Should not this innate resistance to the elements of his body, in