A Lexicon of the Unseen

Alif: 1: the first letter of the Arabic alphabet; 2: the online handle of a young Arab-Indian hacker in an unnamed emirate, trying to stay out of trouble.

The Hand of God: 1: fate, destiny, divine intervention; 2: the nickname given to the head of state surveillance by the gray hats (hackers) in the aforesaid emirate;

3: the fiancé of Alif-the-hacker’s beloved.
Alf Yeom: 1: The Thousand and One Days; apocryphal
book, reputed to be written by jinn (see below) but
probably a hoax; 2: the missing key to unleash a new
era of human knowledge. See also: the Philosopher’s
Stone; 3: the thing Alif-the-hacker has that the
Hand of God intends to take.
Jinn: also spelled djinn or genie; the unseen folk;
supernatural beings.
The Unseen: 1: anonymity, generally used to commit
mischief; 2: that which cannot be perceived by
human eyes; 3: a layer of meaning beyond human
comprehension; 4: a new level of power waiting for
us to grasp it.

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