Famous writers and industry insiders are raving about Alif the Unseen!

“ G. Willow Wilson has a deft hand with myth and with magic, and the kind of smart, honest writing mind that knits together and bridges cultures and people. You should read what she writes.” —Neil Gaiman, author of Stardust and American Gods

“ Driven by a hot ionic charge between higher math and Arabian myth, G. Willow Wilson conjures up a tale of literary enchantment, political change, and religious mystery. Open the first page and you will be forced to do its bidding: to read on.” —Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and Out of Oz

“[G. Willow Wilson] works magic. . . . Ms. Wilson has not set out to copy JK Rowling’s books or anyone else’s; she has her own fertile imagination and fanciful narrative style. But as an American convert to Islam, she has an unusual ability to see the best of both worlds. In Alif the Unseen she spins her insights into an exuberant fable that has thrills, chills and—even more remarkably—universal appeal.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“ When was the last time you read a book with a world so meticulously drawn and a story with characters so real, you didn’t want it to end? Alif the Unseen is one of those books. . . . To describe the book in three words: Hackers, Jinn, and Belief. . . . Fans of Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, and the film Hackers will love this trip through The City Seen and Unseen.” —April Gosling, Tattered Cover

“A book of startling beauty and power.”
—Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles

Alif the Unseen is a terrific metaphysical thriller, impossible to put down. The fantastical world Alif inhabits—at once recognizable and surreal, visible and invisible—is all the more fantastic for the meticulously detailed Koranic theology and Islamic mythology Wilson expertly reveals. A multicultural Harry Potter for the digital age.” —Hooman Majd, author of The Ayatollahs’ Democracy

“A thriller mashed up with the mystical, Alif the Unseen hits the ground running and never lets up. It is a thoroughly engrossing journey into a world that is at once recognizable and fantastical; one that shows that the line between technology and magic is often imperceptible.”
—Gerry Donaghy, Powell’s City of Books

“An ambitious, well-told, and wonderful story. Alif the Unseen is one of those novels that has you
rushing to find what else the author has written, and eagerly anticipating what she’ll do next.”
—Matt Ruff, author of Fool on the Hill and The Mirage

“One of the most compelling narratives you’ll read this year, Alif offers masterful insight into contemporary Middle Eastern societies whose ongoing transformations are as unexpected and profound as those in our own. It is also a powerful reminder of how far fantasy has come since Tolkien.”
—Jack Womack, author of Random Acts of Senseless Violence

“A Golden Compass for the Arab Spring.”
—Steven Hall, author of The Raw Shark Texts

“Grounded in the modern Middle East but bridging virtual reality, history, and mythology, this well-paced novel brings together a thought-provoking array of characters, each with a powerful moral compass that points in a slightly different direction. The suspenseful plot combines the diverse patterns of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Reamde, Un Lun Dun, and Jitterbug Perfume in a satisfying, original balance.”
—Emily Adams, Third Place Books

“Willow Wilson is an awesome talent. She made her own genre and rules over it. Magical, cinematic, pure storytelling. It’s nothing like anything. A brilliant fiction debut.” —Michael Muhammad Knight, author of The Taqwacores

“Remember when you were able to get lost in a book and never wanted it to end? This is how I felt reading this book. It’s about the many layers of language possible in metaphors and the enduring power of stories to transform, but it really is a multi-layered thriller of modern mythology.” —Priscilla Sutton, Brown University Bookstore

“Imaginative storytelling . . . Wilson skillfully weaves a story linking modern-day technologies and computer languages to the folklore and religion of the Middle East. For readers ready for adventure and looking for original storytelling, this excellent novel supersedes genres as easily as its characters jump from one reality to another.” —Library Journal (starred review)

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